Havent seen the movie though. Reviews were mostly bad with ‘critics’ panning it and calling it ‘DDLJ in ancient setting’. But kudos to the director Gowarikar for attempting to make a movie on a subject of which almost nothing is known. Memories of school history came rushing back. 3 vivid images of ‘Dancing girl’, ‘priest king’ and ‘animal seal

Mohenjo-Daro (Pakistan government attempted to change its name to MoenjoDaro) can be roughly translated as;

  • ‘Mound of Dead Men’? in Sindhi (But who would name a living city as city of dead?),
  • ‘Mound of Mohan people’ (Pakistani archaeologists’ interpretation of the name referring to the local fishing community? or even;
  • ‘Kukuttarma’ – Dravidian name – ‘City of the cockerel’?

Basically a mega city of ~ 35000 – 4000o people and part of the great Indus Valley civilisation, which is reported to have spread from the present day Iran to Gujarat (basically undivided India if one can exclude parts of Iran), Mohenjo-Daro is reported to have been established ~ 2500 BC and went into decline around ~ 1800 BC (a good 700 years). Its ruins were only discovered ~ 4000 years later in the 1920’s by an Indian archaeologists.

An interesting interpretation can be found here. Another piece here.


Pay up for deposits and receive interest for loans

Yeh you read the above correct. Negative interest rates play the tricks mentioned above. Normally, one would expect to RECEIVE interest on deposits (or a bond investment) and PAY interest on a loan balance (bond outstanding).

But the mandarins of high finance (read the central bankers) have devised this “innovative” solution to induce the world economy out of coma. Heres a piece by WSJ.

How is it expected to work? Simply put, these negative rates are supposed to put out a red carpet for all the borrowers out there to borrow to their hearts content and somehow kickstart the economy with private capital spending. The savers can go take a hike. This is what the central bankers are implying. Its as convoluted as it sounds and implications beyond the grasp of even savvy bond investors. This implies that there would no longer be a coupon payment (as yields are negative arent they?). So bond investors would be forced to think like equity investors and seek capital gains.

Thunder’Bolt’ – Stunning

Lightening indeed struck thrice after Beijing, London and now Rio. Usain Bolt, undoubtedly the most celebrated athlete of all time, roared past his opponents at the biggest event of them all, the finals of the Olympics 100 m sprint.

His start might have led to many a hearts skip a beat as it wasnt the best. His main compatriot, the american Gatlin, booed incessantly, lead the pack for almost 3/4 ths of the track (yeh thats right). But the on the back of the sheer length of his strides the acceleration he achieved just blew away his opponents setting the track on fire.

Bolt, who would be turning 30 soon, possibly ran his last games at the Olympics but has strode into the Olympic hall of fame as the greatest runner of all time dwarfing the past greats. The event gave me goosebumps and the feeling of him breaking away from the pack at the very end was just unbelievable.



Sacrificing your soul

Couldnt get hold of the entire video, but it just cant get any worse than this.

A senior journalist, criticised for her often biased reportage, along with the Congress party actually got praised by the man touted to be one of the perpetrators of the ghastly terrorist attacks on Mumbai in 2008.

Hafiz Saeed, the terrorist in the video, goes to shed crocodile tears as to how misunderstood he is and how certain sections in India dont miss an oppurtunity to spread lies against him and Pakistan whereas some others like the said journalist & the Congress party are doing “good work”.

The troubling aspect is that why a terrorists thinks that these people are doing “good work”. What is it that they are actually doing? Are we missing something ?

This praise seems to have brought the concerned journalist down from her pedestal as she took high moral ground and seemed unperturbed of the criticism of being soft on the terrorists and separatists and pulverising the Indian army for “excesses”, prominent among them was the Hizbul terrorist, Wani, who got slain by the army.

In this day & age of microscopic scrutiny, this is a PR disaster for the journalist mentioned. She was at the forefront of earlier linked to the Nira Radia controversy too.

Idea of India

Every Indian should read this piece by Sankrant Sanu. Re – read after you have finished reading it. Fab stuf 🙂

  • Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport has the Samudra Manthan depiction which is an integral part of Indian mythology.
  • Bali, in Indonesia, is a Hindu majority island (83% Hindus) province of the biggest Islamic country in the world, Indonesia. An interesting sketch of Balinese history can be found here
  • Angkor Wat temple complex of Cambodia is essentially dedicated to Vishnu.

With this i start off with “Indic Thought” segment. Hope to write more under this to explore more about the history of our great country.

RCom shutdown of CDMA service

Not surpringly this bit of news hardly received any media coverage because the one on the receiving end was the small guy who is nobodys votebank.

Reliance Communications CDMA service (of which Yours truly and his parents were subscribers but out of some premonition of sorts I had made a switch few months but unfortunately my parents were still using) had been discontinued from May 2016. Subscribers have been “asked” to upgrade to the 4G LTE service on the GSM network. CDMA is technically a superior and a reliable network from my experience. GSM, with the advent of 4G might offer higher speeds but is unreliable as the device constantly goes “off network” and one has to switch off the device and switch it on for it or go and come out of the “airplane mode” to re – register it.

My father had to shell out ~ Rs 200 even for the SIM. CDMA only handsets would have to be junked along with whatever balances (Talktime / data) it might contain. There would certainly be cases of people buying brand new CDMA handsets (expensive ones as there were anyway very few available off the shelf) or recharging their talktime / data balances just before the company discontinued it CDMA service. RCom has even discontinued the data offer of 10GB for Rs93.

I think the way the company has handled the affair was unprofessional. It could have intimated its customers 6 months back regarding the discontinuation, re – imbursed balances of people for talktime /data and offered subsidised handset upgrade.