Attack of the clones

After a fairly long hiatus, Midnightbreakfast is back.

Lots been happening around with the usual histrionics of the fiberal junta. A new buzzword has entered our lexicon, Lynching. Yeh! Quite weighty word. One could have simply used ‘crime’, ‘violence’. But no, thats too cliched. No impact you see. We can do better.

So what you do is ‘manufacture’ news. Add a spin to it to create a frenzy. For eg. the “church attacks” during Delhi assembly elections, Dadri & Mathura incidents.The problem is that sudden disappearance of power has made the main stream media desperate to the core. Still smarting from the loss of face in the 2014 general elections, they are searching for ways and means to seek redemption or increase TRP’s rather.

The modus operandi is to create and fan a narrative, manufacture news purely based on hearsay and conjecture or by simply twisting facts and finally indulge in selective outrage by “intellectuals” who among other things would return inconsequential awards.

Current “protests” are just that. I mean as much sorrow and regret one can express about the crime, the media narrative (changing one at that) of an innocent life lost just because he belonged to one religion just doesnt hold water. I mean this elite Lutyens media SHOULD travel in a ‘Virar local’. Fights over a seat are as common as breathing. Numerous thrown off trains and killed. Can one insert the religion angle here?? Absolutely not. Its a crime. Period. The incident above too should be treated as one if the kin has to get justice. The narrative too changed a couple of time with the earlier assertion of him carrying beef was later changed when his family itself had denied it.  




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