Curd anyone?

Excellent piece on the recent Dahi Handi height controvery by Sanu. I was just wondering about this trend of a “random” NGO filing a “random” PIL on some “random” matter in the courts with the consequent court rulings rubbing only one community the wrong way.

Then there is whining about being “overworked” & “understaffed” (well, all of us in the corporate world can vouch for that though ;)) with an “avalanche” of litigations and yet on the other hand they have the time to entertain such litigations? I mean height of dahi handis, weight of school bags (both trivial municipal level matters) as also banning diesel vechicles etc. These are clearly in the domain of the elected.

Then, the more serious issue of having transparency in the selection of higher levels of judiciary. Judiciary, in this case prefers independence over accountability (thought provoking piece!). Anil Dharker in the ToI has this

The writing’s clearly on the wall. Judicial reforms is the crying need of the hour. All the stake holders need to sit together reform the last standing citadel of absolute power. The effectiveness of any institution can be gauged from the faith, the common man has in it. Clearly, the judiciary falls short in this regard as the common man just doesnt stand a chance against the mighty and the well connected with respects to legal disputes as the case invariably would drag on for months, years or even decades !!


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