A tale of two crimes

Traffic cop Vilas Shinde was doing his duty of asking for vehicle documents at a Khar petrol pump, when a Muslim youth he was questioning attacked him so brutally with a wooden plank that he died in hospital the next day. What was even more unfortunate that this slained cops mother too died of shock a few days later. Spare a thought to the family of the deceased.

Isnt this news worthy enough to hog a lot of space in prime time news ? And front pages in leading English language dailies? Wrong. Its all about the narrative stupid. The apple cart of pre – conceptualised stage of “attacks on dalits” would have been upset had this news hogged the limelight. The fact that the attacker was a Muslim in this case makes it “sensitive” case & fit to be blacked out or swept under the carpet.

What instead hit the headlines was the news of volunteers of Ganpati visarjan trying to drown a cop. Now this fits the narrative, doesnt it? Its probable that to generalise the former more serious crime, this second instance was blown up by the media to pass it off as a more general “increasing instances of attacks on cops”. Evil members of the majority community roaming the streets targeting innocents (everyone else basically) under the evil Modi government is a more suitable narrative.

Stage managed atrocities and selective outrage have become the hallmark of media coverage these days. Time to give them a royal ignore!



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