A tale of two crimes

Pretty awful this. An on duty traffic cop, Vilas Shinde, was brutally assaulted by a youth at a Khar petrol pump,  succumbing to his injuries in the hospital the next day. What was even more unfortunate that this slain cops mother too died of shock a few days later. Spare a thought to the family of the deceased.

Isnt this news worthy enough to hog a lot of space in prime time news and front pages in leading English language dailies? Well apparently not. Its all about the narrative. The fact that the attacker belonged to a certain community makes it “sensitive” case & fit to be blacked out or swept under the carpet.

What instead hit the headlines was the news of another set of volunteers of Ganpati visarjan getting into a alleged scuffle with a cop. This fits the narrative, doesnt it? Its probable that to generalise the former more serious crime, this second instance was blown up by the media to pass it off as a more general “increasing instances of attacks on cops”.

Selective outrage have sadly become the hallmark of media coverage these days. Time to give them a royal ignore!



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