Of flawed equality & Sabrimala Temple entry to women

Are we are really equal? I mean if one looks beyond the obvious fundamental standpoint, there are various inequalities that are built in viz., physical attributes, mental & emotional quotient, art / culture and math orientation, our work place designations / hierarchies etc. I would also add controversial caste into the above list. Caste is a case of poor choice of words. Clearly, whoever coined it in the Indian sense must have had an ulterior motive attached. Anyway, that is a topic for another day. The point is, the above is I would say this is diversity & not inequality.

Sabrimala temple entry for women has been a topic of the usual media frenzy, totally devoid of any facts and based more on superficial western beliefs and value system. The belief that the deity is in its Bramhachari avatar is a belief. Full Stop. Beliefs should be respected. Other Indian traditions in the exclusive domain of women arent highlighted. Why?

IndiaFacts has this from Nitin Sridhar. Thought provoking piece. The author builds on the flawed concept of equality which he attributes as a corollary of western belief system and its irrelevance in the Indian context due to the rich tradition of diversity in India. Sanatan Dharmic traditions and beliefs are basically complex adaptive systems constituting sub – systems which have adapted to the ever changing environment. It is this very attribute that has frustrated the futile attempts of those trying to break it.

#RighttoPray hashtags should be countered with #Backoff.


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