Havent seen the movie though. Reviews were mostly bad with ‘critics’ panning it and calling it ‘DDLJ in ancient setting’. But kudos to the director Gowarikar for attempting to make a movie on a subject of which almost nothing is known. Memories of school history came rushing back. 3 vivid images of ‘Dancing girl’, ‘priest king’ and ‘animal seal

Mohenjo-Daro (Pakistan government attempted to change its name to MoenjoDaro) can be roughly translated as;

  • ‘Mound of Dead Men’? in Sindhi (But who would name a living city as city of dead?),
  • ‘Mound of Mohan people’ (Pakistani archaeologists’ interpretation of the name referring to the local fishing community? or even;
  • ‘Kukuttarma’ – Dravidian name – ‘City of the cockerel’?

Basically a mega city of ~ 35000 – 4000o people and part of the great Indus Valley civilisation, which is reported to have spread from the present day Iran to Gujarat (basically undivided India if one can exclude parts of Iran), Mohenjo-Daro is reported to have been established ~ 2500 BC and went into decline around ~ 1800 BC (a good 700 years). Its ruins were only discovered ~ 4000 years later in the 1920’s by an Indian archaeologists.

An interesting interpretation can be found here. Another piece here.


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