Thunder’Bolt’ – Stunning

Lightening indeed struck thrice after Beijing, London and now Rio. Usain Bolt, undoubtedly the most celebrated athlete of all time, roared past his opponents at the biggest event of them all, the finals of the Olympics 100 m sprint.

His start might have led to many a hearts skip a beat as it wasnt the best. His main compatriot, the american Gatlin, booed incessantly, lead the pack for almost 3/4 ths of the track (yeh thats right). But the on the back of the sheer length of his strides the acceleration he achieved just blew away his opponents setting the track on fire.

Bolt, who would be turning 30 soon, possibly ran his last games at the Olympics but has strode into the Olympic hall of fame as the greatest runner of all time dwarfing the past greats. The event gave me goosebumps and the feeling of him breaking away from the pack at the very end was just unbelievable.




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