Sacrificing your soul

Couldnt get hold of the entire video, but it just cant get any worse than this.

A senior journalist, criticised for her often biased reportage, along with the Congress party actually got praised by the man touted to be one of the perpetrators of the ghastly terrorist attacks on Mumbai in 2008.

Hafiz Saeed, the terrorist in the video, goes to shed crocodile tears as to how misunderstood he is and how certain sections in India dont miss an oppurtunity to spread lies against him and Pakistan whereas some others like the said journalist & the Congress party are doing “good work”.

The troubling aspect is that why a terrorists thinks that these people are doing “good work”. What is it that they are actually doing? Are we missing something ?

This praise seems to have brought the concerned journalist down from her pedestal as she took high moral ground and seemed unperturbed of the criticism of being soft on the terrorists and separatists and pulverising the Indian army for “excesses”, prominent among them was the Hizbul terrorist, Wani, who got slain by the army.

In this day & age of microscopic scrutiny, this is a PR disaster for the journalist mentioned. She was at the forefront of earlier linked to the Nira Radia controversy too.


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