Googly served by BCCI

The decision to appoint Anil Kumble as the Indian Cricket team coach has taken many fans and experts by surprise given he has no experience of coaching apart from the mentor role he played for Mumbai Indians in the IPL where is was a part of a Galactico Coaching Staff.

But people are sceptical to ask any questions as he has been chosen by a panel consisting Sachin,  Laxman and Ganguly and who can question their cricketing accumen.

Kumble is a legend of Indian cricket with 403 international matches and 956 wickets under his belt. He is also known to be a fighter who has a never give up attitude which was shown when he had a broken jaw in WI in a test match but came on to bowl with his face covered with bandages.

He is calm but authoritative and has leadership qualities which thrive under adversities which was shown in the way he had lead the Indian team to a win in a test in Perth after the Sydney fiasco.

He also knows the way Indian cricket is run and has administrative experience also.

All these qualities and attributes make him a good fit but his lack of coaching experience is a big question especially when things were getting back on track with Ravi Shastri in charge and the team being a relatively young one with a young captain at helm in tests and with India scheduled to play 13 tests in the coming year.

Only time will tell whether this googly thrown by BCCI will be as good and effective as Kumble’s googlies over the years. One thing that board has done good is that they have given Kumble only a one year contract to access things  after that.

Let’s also hope the Karnataka connection of Kumble (Karnataka player) and Kohli (RCB)  player takes India to a new pinnacle and makes this decision a right one.

Till then we sign off in Mongia’s style while keeping for Kumble by saying “Aai Ga”


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