JNU – ‘Anti National Controversy’ – 2

The HRD minister received rave reviews for her performance in the Lok Sabha. No pun intended here. This blog genuinely believes she came out all guns blazing defending the government stand on a whole host of issues up for debate in the august house. The opposition was completely bamboozled by the blistering counter – attack launched by her.

The opposition has gone breathless offlate and are seriously hyper ventilating over the ‘JNU – ‘Anti National Controversy’ and the case of suicide of a PhD candidate in Hyd. University even as real issues like jobs, electricity, roads, water, education take a back seat.

I mean the question to ask is would the opposition parties have taken up the cause of others who had engaged in such awful sloganeering ?(mind you the police investigation is still on, who knows what else would come up). It is just because the JNU is involved and it is an absolute citadel of leftist lobby here in India is one witnessing such cries of victimisation. Even in the case of the unfortunate suicide of the PhD candidate student, it is just because he belonged to the leftist student union ( Poor chap seemed to be disillusioned with the activities of the very student union that he belonged too) is such a hue and cry being raised.

The clear objective is to fuel this narrative of minority victimisation, intolerance, muzzling of dissenting voices. Obviously, even if certain facts are distorted along the way to suit their interests. The people are watching. As they say one cannot fool all of the people all of the times. ..


One thought on “JNU – ‘Anti National Controversy’ – 2

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