Egg on the face, again

India’s Congress party is in for a major major embarassment (along with some news channels) as the most authentic source yet, no less than the ex – Home Secy Mr. Pillai, has confirmed that Ishrat Jehan was a terrorist operative, a fact which the Congress Party and most media channels had tried so hard to conceal.

He has thus, confirmed one aspect of the case but falls short of providing any light on whether or not the encounter was a fake or not.

He says that the decision was taken at the political level and suitable changes were made to the affidavit filed in the courts to prevent any reference of Ishrat Jehan as a terrorist.

This will bite the Congress as the general public’s already negative image of the party would take a further beating. It, as alleged by the ex Home Secy, going against its very own investigating agencies to play politics with a national security issue wont be taken kindly by the junta here.

Another big time loser in this would be the Indian media which, like the congress, played the tune of ‘Ishrat Jehan being innocent’ and a narrative of minority victimisation led by the current PM was being built.  This went on for years.  battling a crises of credibility.


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