JNU – ‘Anti National Controversy’

The national political news space is filled with news regarding the controversy surrounding the “prestigious JNU” (prestigious on account of the highest NAAC grade it received). Apparently, a bunch of “students” were shouting anti national slogans on the campus of the university. This piece of news can be found here  The occasion for the slogan shouting was the death anniversary of a terrorist named Afzal Guru who was convicted of attacking India’s Parliament in 2001.

At the same time, an Indian Army jawan was struggling for his life after falling into a cliff at the icy heights of the Siachen glacier. Earlier 10 army jawans lost their lives. This made the earlier news all the more sick. Spare a thought for the family of the slain soldier. Their son, father, husband, friend lays down his life for the above mentioned students? What a cruel joke for them ..

Swarajya has this on this issue.

I think the worst part of all this is that these guys are repeat offenders During national tragedies, these guys were out there celebrating when the nation was grieving.

Free speech is a right enshrined in our glorious constitution. But every right comes with certain obligations. No right is absolute. One certainly has to pay when one crosses the line and these bunch of “students” certainly have.


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