Temples of India – A perspective

Couldnt think of better topic to start off the new year with.

When one thinks of the education system of the bygone era in India, the gurukul system comes to our minds. What is unknown is that temples were at the forefront of our education system too in the not too distant past, read the pre – British era. Had this tradition continued, may be India would have had its very own version of Duke, Georgetown University etc.  Rather than education factories, India would have had genuine world class institutions of higher learning. Subhash Kak has this wonderful piece here  where he explores this angle.

After temples & the education system, here’s a piece by Madhulika Dash on how Indian temples used to be the epicenter of socio – cultural development. Temple cuisine used to be typically based on the science of Ayurveda and involved a judicious use of spices etc.

If the above was the state of affairs in the not too distant past then what happened over time? This brings us to the topic of temple control in India.  Temples in India, especially the temples in the South are controlled by the government. Here’s a piece on it. Not getting this? Isnt India a secular country? Why does the government have to poke its nose in temple matters? If it wants to control religious institutions why not other religious institutions too ?

Came across on IndiaFact’s this ppt by the Temple Worshippers’ Society based in Chennai.

Temple’s were the epicenter of our civilisation. An entire ecosystem viz. of Nandanvan’s, Kalyanis (water tank), gaoshalas, pathshalas (vedic school’s), arable land, vocation, arts & music developed around it. This has been successfully throttled by the powers that be. It’s time they are freed and allowed to regain their lost glory.


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