Bihar Elections – A Lookback – India would be “suddenly tolerant” again

It was almost comical the other day (almost a week now) on counting day for Bihar Assembly elections. News channels like NDTV were calling the elections in the NDA’s favor as early as 9 am. It now appears that in their haste to ‘break’ the story first, they might have been led to a waste. Leads are not results and they can change dramatically and change they did. Almost an hour later, things took a complete U – turn with the JDU led alliance racing ahead. By day end, they had a 2/3 rd majority of the Bihar assembly.

So, what led to the BJP led NDA downfall? Hard to pin point exact reasons. But the most clever part of the JDU alliance was that the scope for division of opposition votes was Nil.

Secondly, the narrative in the build up to the elections was that of ‘an intolerant establishment at the centre’. Unrelated and isolated incidents of violence and crime were somehow being linked to the central government. Scarily, all this was done purely on the basis of conjecture. XYZ incident happening at a certain place (the fact that it came under the rule of an altogether different government was cleverly ignored) involving an ABC victim who happened to belong to a minority community and who is rumoured to have eaten beef. And since the PM who is so talkative doesnt condemn this attack, he is somehow complicit with the perpetrators. And this is what makes the government intolerant.

I mean there are million holes in the above argument being peddled by the ‘intolerance gang’ as there are stars in the sky. First of all has the crime been investigated thoroughly for you to come to the conclusion? If not then what is being said is pure conjecture and hearsay. If this is the yardstick to every crime then on the basis of conjecture one would be able to spin any story which suits one interest and milk it to the fullest. Secondly, is the PM expected to comment on all acts of crime in the nation? Ofcourse not. Thirdly, shouldnt accountability be fixed on the state governments also ? If the central government is implicitly complicit in the act of crime so is the state government. Fourthly, is it the only act of crime in the country ? Fifthly, does a single act of crime make the entire nation intolerant? Sixthly, why is this selective picking of incidents for raising the intolerance pitch?

Isnt Siddaramiah governments stand on celebrating the birth of Tipu Sultan against the wishes of many Kannadigas an act of intolerance too ? It resulted in loss of one life in Madikeri. Shouldnt awards be returned now ? As i write this, Paris is being decimated by terrorist of ISIS. Shouldnt it be altogether strong reason to return awards? Isnt tolerance under threat now? But the ‘award wapasi’ junta would be in party mode now getting sloshed as their job is done with the elections in Bihar coming to an end. No more wapasi of awards for now. Their next project would be before Assam elections if at all some new tactic isnt designed by then. (Remember the “church attacks news story” ?).

With the Bihar elections done and dusted, one things for sure is that India would be suddenly and miraculously become tolerant again 🙂


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