Bihar Polls – The final lap

Midnightbreakfast blog had highlighted here the falling graph of Nitish Kumar. His moves and tactics over last 2 years have been illogical and irrational to say the least.

His severing of ties after Mr Narendra Modi was announced the PM candidate and lead campaigner was seen as suicidal. Being with BJP for more than a decade and then suddenly severing ties on the pretext that BJP is communal just didnt  make sense and defied all logic. The thorough lashing he received at the hands of the Bihari voter in the general elections made him make another blunder by installing Jitan Manjhi obstensibly to consolidate the EBC votebank and gain sympathy backfired when the “co-operative” Manjhi rose to challenge Nitish’s leadership. With much effort Nitish managed to get rid of Manjhi in the process alienating the EBC votebank who is now firmly behind Manjhi. His subsequent collaboration with Lalu was the final straw. Nitish had represented the antithesis of Lalu’s misrule. By aligning with Lalu all that is undone bringing back memories of the ‘jungle raj’ which Lalu had come to represent.

The results of Bihar poll would be do or die for both him and Lalu. Like Nitish, Lalu too is fighting from one feet in the coffin. The high pitched fight for Bihar is yet difficult to call. One version of the likely results is here

The caste arithmatic was sensationally ditched by the voter in the general elections of 2014. It remains to be seen how the voter reacts this time. A win for the NDA would cement the notion. Jobs and more jobs has to be the only issue but sadly in these elections it has got drowned out in the heat, dust and noise of poll campaining.


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