Breathless Media at it again ..

Came across this thoughtful piece in Swarajya by one Mr Harsh Gupta. The piece is about a different issue though. But his views on the recent crime in UP (referred to as beef murder etc etc by the media) are thought provoking.

Certain tragedies are highlighted for weeks and months in India, and certain ones are never mentioned beyond one or two reports – but the humans who suffer or perish in all cases are equally human nonetheless.

So many crimes happen daily. A crime is a crime and it should be dealt with sternly. But why is it that the media keeps on highlighting some whereas others are plain neglected or relegated to the inside pages. Here’s why;

Hers was an inconvenient story that would not fit the victimhood narrative sold to conservatives who are fighting for cultural separation in the name of inclusive liberalism.

Just because others dont fit into the narrative sold by the media, they are simply ignored.

The lawlessness under Akhilesh, which should have been the REAL subject of media scrutiny is no where in the scene. The victim in this and all cases desires justice and the media should stop converting his / her plight into a circus.


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