‘Talvar’ is razor sharp – Spoiler Alert!!

This blog doesnt review movies. But this movie really happened to strike a chord. How dysfunctional the justice delivery system in India can get at times is portrayed realistically.

The movie is ‘Talvar’ and essentially revolves around the unfortunate ‘Arushi – Hemraj’ double murder case which took place in 2008. The movie showcases different points of view viz., the police, the CBI’s two diametrically opposite views and ofcourse the parents.

The portrayal of the shoddy police investigation whereby the crime scene was terribly compromised is shown very effectively. A case which could have been solved had basic crime investigation SOP’s been followed takes twists and turns in short time intervals. The CBI’s investigative procedures are expectedly better than the extremely low level police investigative work. But then the familiar interference one hears of in CBI investigation is shown in the movie. The investigative officer, brilliantly portrayed by Irfan Khan, gets excruciatingly close to solving the case when he is betrayed by his fellow investigative officer who effectively sabotages their own investigative work by manipulating the evidence at the behest of the new director. The case is later handled by another officer who comes to a totally different conclusion.

The movie managed to hold attention till the very end. Backed by superb acting, story, screenplay and direction this surely is a winner.


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