Beef Murder? Makes for a great headline !! Hey, wait a minute, heard similar stuff earlier!!

A pattern has clearly emerged after the BJP led NDA government came to power back in May 2014. The popular main stream media has curiously started reporting serious law and order issues as instances of sectarian violence. Curiously, these crop up at around election time. The aim is obviously to create an impression of a broader trend of religious intolerance and minorities under siege in India. Attempt is being made to link everything to the new government and how there is hatred on the ground against in India.

In this context happened to come across this excellent piece by Sadhguru of Isha Foundation. He tackles questions ranging from “Ghar Wapasi”, “minorities under siege” to the “beef ban” issue. Superb views must say. He talks about how certain proselytizing religions have historically always used inducements to convert sections of populations and how it has always been a numbers game for these religions as they would be losing out if their numbers decrease. It is seeing a backlash now and certain sections feel that they are losing out in the numbers game.

Regarding the “threat to minorities”, he says that except a few stray incidents, the general ethos is peaceful in the country. The attempts by certain sections to create an impression of hatred on the ground is completely untrue. There seems to be sustained attempts to isolate India internationally as a horrible place for minorities by internationalising the whole thing. The majority – minority angle has been manufactured and politically engineered.

On beef ban, he says that the ban is NOT against any religion. First of all the ban has been in place for quite some time now atleast in Maharashtra. He cites the ill effects of eating beef and how even in the west its consumption is on the decline. In India, cows are a part of the culture. Children are taught in school that cow is like a second mother. So when a cow is cut and eaten, it is aesthetically impossible in the Indian mind.

Past episodes of media reportage (read the Church attacks) dont inspire confidence in anything that the media offers as news. Attempts are being made to paint simple law and order issues as a majority – minority issue / communal issue. If there is crime, the guilty should be dealt with. Period. But to sell more newspapers or to gain more TRP’s news shouldnt be manufactured. Clearly, if such state of affairs persist, the Indian media faces a crisis of credibility.


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