Bloomberg funding for Mumbai

After a long hiatus, Midnightbreakfast is back… as there was a lot that was going on in mine as well as my writing buddies respective personal lives. Promise to return regular posting now.

Last week, Bloomberg Philanthropies, a foundation set up by Michael R. Bloomberg who owns Bloomberg, as part of its ‘Global Road Safety Initiative’ has committed to donate $125 million over five years to help strengthen road safety legislation. This initiative aims to reduce road fatalities and injuries.

The initiative aims to;

  • Provide full-time staff to work with the city municipality on its road safety initiatives for up to five years,
  • Technical assistance from the world’s leading road safety organizations,
  • Training for police officers
  • Other relevant city staff and help to create mass media campaigns

Mumbai, which has over 2 million registered vehicles could do with such road safety initiatives as driver negligence is one of the major causes of road fatalities. Such initiatives are always welcome .


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