Whatever happened to NiKu

NiKu was the poster boy of development (ofcourse after a certain Mr. NaMo) firing on all cylinders in his home state. After the hopelessness of Lalu rule, he was the light (and still is) at the end of the tunnel for Bihar. But then just when the general elections were round the corner he strangely severed ties with his ally, the BJP after “realising” after 15 odd years that BJP’s “communal agenda” wasnt acceptable. Incidentally, it was in Bihar that the elections were fought and the government was formed under the NDA. Severing ties with the long term ally really didnt make any sense. However, he seems to have fallen prey to the tired election arithmatic which was dismantled by Mr. Namo and the BJP in the recently concluded elections. He hoped that the minorities along the backwards and his development work would help him win comfortably. 

However, the inevitable happened, he lost badly to the BJP in Bihar. The traditional BJP voter base and even the traditional non BJP supporters (backwards and minorities) seemed to have voted for the BJP enmasse.

But all is certainly not lost since the assembly elections are still some time away in Bihar. However, he has gone ahead and aligned himself with Lalu,obstensibly to thwart “communal forces”. In process, he has alienated the voter who would still be haunted by the misrule of the Lalu government.

Mayawati today has rejected SP’s call of an alignment in UP to thwart “communal forces”. She too had faced a similar fate in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections with her party drawing a blank. Whatever happened to the dynamic, forward looking, champion of Bihari development Niku.


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