Auto Fare hike, again !!!

That lousy feeling again when costs seem to go up incessantly despite stagnant salaries. Had blogged about this last year here They (the auto rajas of Mumbai) are at it again after the Bombay HC allowed a hike in taxi/auto fares from yesterday on the condition that the meters should be recalibrated first. 

Minimum Distance (Kms) 1.6
Minimum Fare (Rs) 17
Per Km fare for minimum distance (Rs)  10.63
Every Subsequent km (Rs) 11.33
Avg overall per km fare  (Rs) 10.98
Waiting charge per minute (Re)  1
Avg. no. of new fares per day 35
Avg distance per new fare per day 3.75
Avg waiting time per new fare per day 3
TARIFF 1440.80
REVENUES per day (Rs) 1545.80
Cost of a new autorickshaw (Loan @ 13%) 160000
EMI per km 1.13
Fuel Cost Per km 1.77
Maintainance & Repairs Per km 0.51
Insurance 0.08
Miscellaneous  0.63
EXPENSES per day (Rs) 524.93
INCOME per day (Rs) 1020.86
INCOME per month 30625.9

Fuel costs are pretty much the same. Essentially, a 10% pay hike for the auto wallahs. Fair enough, but where is the service. I think it would have been better had the HC inserted a clause which would have benefitted the consumers immensely, i.e. 0% refusals. Without that, the common man once again seems to have been short changed. 


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