Hafiz Saeed & Indian Media – United in condemning “force feeding”

I really didnt knew how to react to Hafiz Saeed’s tweet alongside other tweets which were crying foul reacting to the “force feeding of a canteen staffer in Maharashtra Sadan” by Shiv Sena MP’s. Now, Saeed surely must have been grinning from ear to ear like Cheshire cat on the goings on in India. I mean half his job is done when we have such media.  

So what is the context of the above “story”? Apparently a bunch of Shiv Sena MP’s mis behaved with the canteen staff and supervisor of Maharashtra Sadan forcing a roti into the mouth of one. Now, what led the concerned Shiv Sena MP’s to react the way they did (mind you they dont need much of provocation anyway for their behaviour)? Apparently, it was the quality of food being served in the Maharashtra Sadan that angered the concerned MP’s and they wanted the staff out there to “taste” the food being served to them. It was clearly not the case of an individual being targeted. And certainly not the religion of the person. I mean would one check the name tag, of say, a steward in a restaurant if one spots a cockroach in ones food? No right? 

Well, the above, pretty much is the story. A case of hooliganism should have been registered at the most.

But such a story would fizzle out in half a day. But what if one tweaks the headlines of the story to “force feeding a Muslim to break his fast” and the story dons a completely different avatar, spicy one at that. It would atleast run for a day, giving content starved media houses fuel to run on. And that is exactly what most of the media houses have done in order to garner eyeballs. 

Agreed that with elections, IPL, WC Football, Budget, all over, there is dearth of stuff media houses can show on television. But to stoop to this level is plain disgusting. 


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