World from the eyes of a traveler

In today’s busy world people often tend to forget the beautiful things around us and appreciate it. They fall in the deadly trap of stress and start thinking that they are all alone and there is nothing beautiful about any of God’s creation.

In this busy world, I got the chance of travelling every weekend between Mumbai-Pune. Initially like all others I was skeptical about it. On weekdays I would have to live away from my family in Pune and then every weekend I would have to travel back to Mumbai to be with them which would be tiring. The feeling of being alone away from family and missing out on beautiful things with them gripped me and raised doubts. But these doubts were quickly laid to rest from the day I started travelling between Mumbai-Pune.

I prefer train travel between the two cities as it is fast and comfortable.

This train journey every week to and fro gave me so many insights that I would have never got had I not been travelling regularly and would have been trapped in the daily routine life.

I started seeing the world and people around me from the eyes of a frequent traveler and could feel that I am no longer alone or away from my family. I could see so many people who also travel regularly like me every week and have become my family away from my actual family. The railway guy who sells water bottles and tea coffee, the fellow regular passengers, or the uncle who sells jelly chocolate and chikki but first gives away chocolates to passengers for free are now my family every week during my travel and who chat with me on topics which are diverse. This travel is not only giving me this extended family but also giving me knowledge about new topics and filling my appetite for it.

This journey is also giving me so many good beautiful sights about God’s beautiful creation, Mother Nature. The waterfalls near Lonavala, the green hills near Thane and Karjat are some of the breath-taking sights in the way of this journey.

This regular travel has taught me an important lesson that we all get so busy with our daily work and responsibilities that we fail to enjoy the surroundings around us. We also become money minded and insecure by getting trapped in the vicious circle of money and start feeling alone in this self-minded world. In this case such travel helps us broaden our minds and enjoy ourselves.


Hafiz Saeed & Indian Media – United in condemning “force feeding”

I really didnt knew how to react to Hafiz Saeed’s tweet alongside other tweets which were crying foul reacting to the “force feeding of a canteen staffer in Maharashtra Sadan” by Shiv Sena MP’s. Now, Saeed surely must have been grinning from ear to ear like Cheshire cat on the goings on in India. I mean half his job is done when we have such media.  

So what is the context of the above “story”? Apparently a bunch of Shiv Sena MP’s mis behaved with the canteen staff and supervisor of Maharashtra Sadan forcing a roti into the mouth of one. Now, what led the concerned Shiv Sena MP’s to react the way they did (mind you they dont need much of provocation anyway for their behaviour)? Apparently, it was the quality of food being served in the Maharashtra Sadan that angered the concerned MP’s and they wanted the staff out there to “taste” the food being served to them. It was clearly not the case of an individual being targeted. And certainly not the religion of the person. I mean would one check the name tag, of say, a steward in a restaurant if one spots a cockroach in ones food? No right? 

Well, the above, pretty much is the story. A case of hooliganism should have been registered at the most.

But such a story would fizzle out in half a day. But what if one tweaks the headlines of the story to “force feeding a Muslim to break his fast” and the story dons a completely different avatar, spicy one at that. It would atleast run for a day, giving content starved media houses fuel to run on. And that is exactly what most of the media houses have done in order to garner eyeballs. 

Agreed that with elections, IPL, WC Football, Budget, all over, there is dearth of stuff media houses can show on television. But to stoop to this level is plain disgusting. 

Die Mannschaft it is then!!

After coming on as a substitute for Klose in the dying minutes of the game (~ 87th minute), Mario Goetze controlled a swirling cross from Schurrle on his chest and tapped it with beautiful precision past Sergio Romero in the 113th minute to shut the door on Argentina, who till then, unlike Brazil, fought valiantly against the marauding Germans.

Goetze’s shot reminded one of Iniesta’s goal that sealed victory for the Spaniards against the Dutch 4 years ago at Johannesburg. It won Germany their 4th world cup. This one came after a gap of 24 years. Although they came close last 3 times, closest being in 2002 when a rampaging Brazilian side (which had all the famous R’s) won the title in Korea-Japan. 

The bench strength of Germany is a tribute to the system put in place by the DFB in Germany. The players, most of them, enrol as young kids in the footballing academies and come through the competitive and gruelling system. The team spirit as described by their coach Loew was exceptional. 

James Rodriguez and Manuel Nuer’s Golden Boot and Golden gloves awards were deserving as both were simply outstanding. What was odd though was the Golden Ball given to Lionel Messi. He himself seemed surprised at the announcement and was reluctant to accept it. Thomas Mueller, Arjen Robben certainly seemed more deserving. SMH has this . Maradona and Blatter openly expressed surprise at the decision. 

BBC has this on the German victory. In the end it seemed logical and almost inevitable that Germany win the cup.