Brazil WC 2014 Kicks off

In a few hours the greatest spectacle after the Olympics would kick off. More than 30 teams would battle it out for the WC Champions tag. Brazil is hosting the WC after a gap of almost 65 years. Some interesting facts of the WC include;

  • Use of goal line technology for the ever so controversial goals,
  • Vanishing spray paints (to allow referee’s a chance to ear mark the spot for free kicks etc),
  • Robots & drones for increased security,
  • Eye popping $ 35 million for the winning team and $ 25 million for the runners up.

Brazil seem to be punter’s favourite.

Following are the odds to win the groups

  • Group A – Brazil minus 600 (risking $6 to win $1 or 6:1 risk reward ratio)
  • Group B – Spain minus 175
  • Group C – Colombia minus 120
  • Group D – Italy plus 120 (risking $ 1 to win $ 1.2)
  • Group E – France minus 150 
  • Group F – Argentina minus 600
  • Group G – Germany minus 200
  • Group H – Belgium minus 175

Odds to win 2014 World Cup

  • Brazil: 5-to-2
  • Argentina: 4-to-1
  • Germany: 5-to-1
  • Spain: 13-to-2
  • Italy: 20-to-1

There are 3 European teams in there. Not surprisingly since europeans have managed to get to the finals of every world cup sans 1. 


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