Time of upsets and end of dominance

In the last week we have seen many upsets in the field of sports and politics. It was a week where we saw the end of dominance of many teams across the two fields.

To start with sports we saw Atletico Madrid winning the La Liga after 18 years and thus ending the dominance of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

If we take a look at the winners list then we can see that from 1982-1983 seasons only 4 teams apart from Real Madrid and Barcelona have been able to win the La Liga. That means only 7/32 seasons have been won by teams apart from Real Madrid and Barcelona. This makes the magnitude of this victory very huge. The fact that Atletico Madrid has also qualified for Champions League final makes it even more special.

We also saw some unexpected results in EPL football. This year the always dominating Manchester United suffered their worst season and finished 7th in the league. This season was dominated by Manchester City who won the league and also saw Liverpool finish close 2nd which is their best performance after many years. So these results were also unexpected and ended the dominance of clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea.

We now move to politics. Last week was a very important week for Indian politics which saw major unexpected result there and end of an era of dominance of a major political party of India, Indian National congress.

In the Lok Sabha elections this year we saw BJP+ win 335/542 seats and come out as the majority party upsetting the Congress party alliance causing a major upset.

There is much learning that we got from these upsets. We get to learn the importance of team work and ethics which can overshadow the weakness of the team and individuals. We also learned the importance of great and motivational leadership in the face of Modi and Vincent Kompany and also the importance of guidance which Diego Simeone gave to Atletico and Modi and Amit Shah gave to BJP.

Upsets are always good to watch as even the underdogs should get a chance to win. But the victory becomes more meaningful if the winning team is able to live up to the winners tag.

Midnight Breakfast hopes that all the winners mentioned above live up to the expectations that comes along with winning.


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