India votes for a change – 2014 Lok Sabha

The excitement was palpable last night as India went to sleep. With elections results due today the BJP HQ was already getting ready to celebrate with reports of ~ 2500 kg of ladoos being prepared as also a giant sized lotus to be floated on the banks of the Ganges near Varanasi. Congress HQ on the other hand had already thrown in the towel with media reports of it removing posters of its leaders and strategies to ring fence Rahul Gandhi. But BJP had always flattered to deceive and were deceptively inept at actually winning. So could there be another twist to spoil the BJP party like last 2 times?

As counting began at about 8 am today morning BJP was quick to get off the blocks and started racing ahead. But unlike last time kept up with the half way as counting progressed across constituencies and states. By 10 am a NDA majority was a near certainty. By 11 am a BJP majority became a reality. By noon there was awe, shock and awe almost at the storming of the BJP to power. ‘Bulldozer’ Modi had achieved a clinical demolition of his opponents. BJP swept North, East, West & Central India with almost 50% votes in each of these states propelling them to 250+.The final tally is ~ BJP = 285 & BJP+ 335 whereas Congress sank to ~ 42 and Congress+  55.

With this thumping win, its time to seriously re-think the projection of one form of politics being good over the other. I mean who decides what good or bad? Right or wrong? It should be left to the people right, the collective wisdom of the people is supreme in a democracy like India. The projection of “right wing politics” as being evil and “left politics” being good. With people’s thumping mandate, the acceptability of “right wing” politics should no longer be questioned. What the historic mandate implies is that development is the sole agenda for youth. Hopes and aspirations of a young country wanting to break out from the cage of a negative and vicious nature of our politics. The mandate demolishes the myth that development agenda doesnt work in India’s electoral politics. It sets the bar higher for another political parties. It changes the narrative of constantly highlighting just one riots in India rather than all.

With this win comes the HUGE expectations of the people. Nothing less than a military like discipline would be required to tame the inflation monster still at large in India which really did Congress Party in in these elections. Re – invigorating the economy by stimulating corporate investments in the country would be required. 

Heres a look at reactions in the foreign media;

Change is here. A stable government is the best thing to have happened to India. 


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