India Voting – Some thoughts

Former CEC’s of India had assembled on a show yesterday on NDTV. In response to a question by Aamir Khan on ways to improve our present ‘ first past the post system’ MS Gill highlighted that he infact had proposed a system whereby the two leading candidates in terms of popular votes polled should be subjected to a re – poll following which the winner should be decided.

He said that this was necessary to ensure the candidate is ‘representative’ since in cases of abysmal voter turnouts, the leading party scrapes through with just 30 – 35% of popular votes, effectively garnering just around 15 – 20% of votes. Such a candidate can never be ‘representative’.

We saw how the Congress – NCP “swept” Mumbai in the last Lok Sabha elections. MidnightBreakfast highlighted the negative dynamics at play & how the candidate would be anything but ‘representative’.

Increasing voter turnout is one solution. But that choice is at the hands of the voter, who proved in the recently concluded elections atleast in Mumbai that he is utterly indifferent.

In such a scenario, electoral reforms in terms of what Mr Gill suggested could be implemented to make our democracy more representative and vibrant. Else, the current garbage would continue to pile on. 


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