Racism- A Curse in sports

Racism unfortunately has been a very integral part of sports around the globe.

It is a very harsh reality that still exists even after trying very hard to eradicate ot completely.

Racism takes place in all sports be it football, cricket, basketball etc.

We have seen many examples of the ugly face of racism globally where coloured players have had to face chants or getures of fans who should not be called fans.

Sports governing authorities have taken strict steps to curb such shameful acts like banning players and teams but this has not stopped racism completely.

Recent examples of racism are Villarreal fans throwing a banana towards Barcelona player Dani Alves who took it sportingly and picked the banana up and ate it.

Another example is Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racist comments who has been given life ban and fined USD 2.5 million.

Though the actions taken against racism are great but the only way to eradicate this is when people will treat everyone as equal and accept everyone as God’s creation irrespective of race, colour and caste.

Talent should only be the criteria to judge a sportsperson and nothing else.

Midnight Breakfast along with many others globally support the cause of “No Racism” and hope that all will do the same and one day this ghost will be completely eradicated.


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