Moyes- Never “The Chosen One”

Finally David Moyes has been relieved of his misery after 51 tough matches of being the manager of the greatest football club on earth “Manchester United”.

David Moyes was hand picked by the Master Sir Alex Ferguson himself when he decided to call it quits after being at the helm for 26 years and winning almost everything in sight.

He was termed as “The Chosen One” by one and all. But as the season progressed it became a nightmare for the Champs and for all their fans.

The main reason has been the manager Moyes who has been an uninspiring choice. He started the campaign by raising concerns on the tough schedule for United which was very negative from a manager of a team known to overcome every challenge thrown at them and also for its fighting spirit.

Later he committed the mistake of replacing the entire support staff of United including experienced coaches like Rene Muelensteen. Also his training methods were from dinosaur age and caused injuries to players like Van Persie and company.

Moyes could also not win the confidence and loyalty of players due to his stubborn decisions.

He ignored players like Kagawa, Hernandez and Zaha for poor performers like Young, Valencia etc.

He was also poor in the transfer windows with making a desperate signing of Fellaini from former club Everton who has been very poor. Yes he signed Mata in January but played him out of position mainly.

The only good thing he did was to manage to keep Rooney and give a chance to young talent like Januzaj. But this was not enough to keep him after United has had their worst season ever where they have won nothing and have failed to qualify for next year’s Champions League. United have lost 11 games in the league already and lost to clubs whom they had not lost for ages. Under Moyes, Old Trafford was also not the fortress that it was.

In comparison if we look at the Mourinho (Special One) who was a strong contender for this job, we see that he has been brilliant for Chelsea. Unlike Moyes, Mourinho has managed to win loyalty of the players just like Ferguson which has motivated them to play well.

So can we say that Moyes was “The Mistaken One” by Sir Alex??

Yes it was and Sir Alex is too proud to accept it. But humans and bound to err. Now all United fans would be hoping that the new manager would be an experienced one who is not overwhelmed by this tall order and takes the team back to where they belong i.e. on the pinnacle and scale the summit.


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