Auto Drivers bigger than the law??

How often have we seen old people, females with their kids or tored office goers standing stranded on the middle of the road helpless with out any rickshaw agreeing to take them where they want.

This is the story of mostly all Mumbaikars everyday who bear the brunt and rash attitude of rickshaw wallas. They have blackmailed by going on strike and have managed to increase the fares by many folds but still plight according to their wish.

But the question is whether this is right as per laws. Answer is NO!!

As per the Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Law section 22 d 178 (3b) any auto and taxi with their meter UP saying “For Hire” has to take a passenger anywhere they want whatever the distance maybe.

Failing to do so they attract a penalty of Rs.100 if the passenger complains to the Mumbai Traffic police. This can be done by lodging an online complaint at or calling at number 100.

They can also mail Joint Commissioner at

Also one important point to remember is that passenger should first GET IN the auto and then say where they want to go. The auto driver cannot say NO.

Another instance of auto drivers defying law is in Delhi. As per Delhi Motor Vehicle law an auto with battery below 250W and speed 25kmph do not come under the Act and so they have banned the e-rickshaws. But they have defied this law also by buying these at Agra, Ghaziabad and Noida so that they do not come under this law. They use 4 batteries of 15V power around 850W and speed more than 35Kmph. By defying this law they are not bound to pollution rules. They also do not need to have insurance and thus expose passenger safety.

These instances point that auto and taxi drivers have no respect or fear for law as they have political backing.

But it is high time we commuters fight back so that the government realizes their mistake amd they also start taking serious actions against these goons who actually should serve the people as they fall under the “Public Service Vehicles”.


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