The Unpredictable and Competitive Champions League

Champions League football is the biggest European club football tournament where the top teams of all European leagues come together to play for the highest award.

This tournament has always been very competitive and unpredictable in nature where even the underdogs give the favorites a run for their money.

This years tournament has also been the same uptil now. The tournament has reached the final 4 stage and it has been full of ups and downs.

Real Madrid, Bayern Munich are the expected semi finalists and Athletico Madrid and Chelsea are the surprise ones.

Athletico beat the mighty La Liga rivals Barcelona to enter the semi finals. They were the underdogs but they were competitive just as they have been all season in La Liga. Chelsea came back from dead and beat the cash rich PSG via penalties to enter the semies.

Bayern Munich started as favourites against struggling Manchester United but were given a run for their money by the club known to prove their critics wrong and also for their fighting spirit.

Real Madrid riding on their great first leg win saw off the gritty Borussia Dortmund.

So the final 4 line up for this years Champions League are a mix of favourites and underdogs which is fitting for the viewers as it brings something new. It also gives different players like Diego Costa, Hazard, Demba Ba etc. to become stars.

Let us all keep tuned in for some more action that is in store for us.


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