Gavaskar brings the skeletons out of the closet

Indian cricket team have not been doing well in all forms of cricket in the last 2 years specially in overseas conditions.

Although they are currently the no.3 and no.2 ranked team in Tests and ODI respectively their performance has not justified it.

Inspite of loss after loss there are no changes being made in the squad and to be more precise in the playing XI.

Consistent non performers like Rohit Sharma, Ashwin, Ishant, Dinesh Karthik, Raina and some others are given chances and good performers like Amit Mishra, Ishwar Pandey, Pujara (in ODI) have been ignored.

It has created a stir in the country with many accusing the captain and team management of favouritism. But this fact was never brought out in open before.

However when Pujara and Pandey were ignored in the recent dead rubber against Afghanistan in Asia Cup then little master Sunil Gavaskar broke his silence and accused the team management and selectors of favouritism.

He has correctly pointed out that players who are close to Dhoni and selectors have been given chances inspite of failures.

In the past all great teams have been known by the name of their captain. “Lloyd’s Invincibles” or “Waugh’s Champions”.

This Indian team is also known as “Dhoni’s Team” but in the literal sense. It is for everyone to see that players who are close to him especially from CSK (due to his proximity to BCCI chief Srinivasan) are given chances but not others.

Dhoni himself has been poor as a captain but he has not been asked to step down.

Gavaskar’s comments bought him the ire of many Dhoni fans in India but we feel that he had the guts to express the truth which every Indian Cricket fan has been watching but was afraid to bring out.

Let is all hope that these comments by the genius brings about a change in Indian cricket.


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