Virat Kohli- The Future Captain

Virat Kohli is captaining the Indian ODI side currently in the absence of injured Dhoni. At first look he seems to be a very aggressive captain who believes that “Offense is the best mode of defense”.

Even though India might have won only 2/4 matches that too against minnows, his captaincy has earned praise from cricket pundits. The losses against Sri Lanka and Pakistan were very close and can be attributed to inexperience.

He showed that he was not the one to hold back and slow things down. He is very proactive and looks to do things. His aggressive nature was well depicted by his selection of Amit Mishra after such a prolonged period which against Pakistan which paid immediate dividends. Mishra is a leg spinner which is a attacking option in ODI’s and an option which Dhoni has not gone ahead with.

Also his field placings have been agressive and he has gone for the kill when required.

On the other hand Dhoni in the last 2-3 years has been very defensive as a captain in all forms of cricket. He has been relectant to play attacking spinners like Ojha and Mishra. His field placings and his relectance to attack in demanding situations has attracted criticism from many and caused India to loose many matches.

Dhoni is no doubt been India’s most successful captain in all forms and won all trophies possible but his captaincy seems to be well passed it’s selling date and it seems all but fair to give Kohli the captaincy in atleast the ODI’s.

Some people agrue that Kohli should not be pressurized with the burden of captaincy. But they forget that he has done that before at U-19 level were he led India to World Cup victory.

He also leads his IPL side Royal Challengers Bangalore full of stars like De Villiers and Gayle and is doing a good job there.

It only seems a matter of time when this will happen and we think that it will be start of another wonderful era for Indian Cricket.


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