Tale of two political parties and a pretender

The woes of the principal party in power in India doesnt seem to be ending. Opinion polls (although these should be discounted somewhat) after opinion polls suggest a “wave” for the candidate of the principal opposition party. Disgust seems to be the common feeling among ordinary Indians especially directed at the government and the principal ruling party and rightly so for the mess that we find ourselves in.

Kanti Bajpai has this piece on the current state of the Congress party http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/opinion/edit-page/End-of-road-for-Congress/articleshow/31183305.cms

Scams, corruption, supreme arrogance of the ministers, an indecisive leadership and inflation running in double digits since 2009 have all taken its toll.

On the other hand, in a reversal of roles of 2004, the BJP seems to be marching towards the magical half way mark of the simple majority in India’s lower house. Ex – army chief has joined it terming it as the only “nationalist” party. There are wild rumours of former IPS former Kiran Bedi joining it too.

MJ Akbar has this http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/TheSiegeWithin/entry/party-s-over-for-socialists

Among all this the election phenomenon, the Third Front, which we would like to refer as the pretender seems to have once again reared its head as a non – congress and a non bjp alliance. Leading it are the so called “socialists” Yadavs (Mulayam & Lalu) and Nitish Kumar. Both the Yadav’s would be facing a tough time these elections as also Nitish Kumar whose gamble of severing ties with the BJP seems to be going against him. Goodwill built by him over the years seems to be vanishing and he risks the danger of a drubbing in the coming elections.

Interesting times ahead ..


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