Some food for thought

MJ Akbar’s piece this sunday here is some food for thought.

PM Manmohan Singh’s (MMS) popularity ratings took a mauling after the host of scams that broke out right under his nose. Ideally, to salvage some pride he should have been elevated upstairs to the post of the Prez and the “firefighter” of the Congress Pranab should have been appointed in his place. Veteran politician, well versed in the art of negotiations and deal making could have saved or even revived his party’s fortunes in the recently concluded Rajya Sabha elections and the all important Lok Sabha elections. Allies management would have been best handled by the much admired Pranab da.  

Chidambaram and Meira Kumar (the current speaker) were other candidate’s to lead the Congress Party charge. Chidambaram, with his relatively clean image and acceptability would have suited the role as PM candidate. Even Meira Kumar with her gentle image, was an acceptable face.

But with MMS continuing in office despite his negative image and the ever fumbling RaGa taking the charge of the poll campaign, things seem bleak for the Grand Old Party of Indian politics.  


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