Rooney is now equivalent to big money

Wayne Rooney has always been a great footballer right from his early days in Everton. This fact became more prominent when Manchester United signed him at the age of 16. Since then he has never looked back and become a United great in the last 7-8 years at the club.

But like any another journey this one has also had its ups and downs. He threatened to leave the club in 2010 citing the lack of ambition of the club to sign big players. At that time he was convinced by the club of their goals and signed Van Persie.

But then a major saga broke out and he had a fall with the great manager Sir Alex over the place he would play. The problems elevated to such heights that Sir Alex while retiring in 2013 said that Rooney had made a transfer request.

This was denied by Rooney and he kept playing for United under new managed Moyes who was his manager at Everton and with whom he had a fall out after his transfer to United.

But in the dismal year for the club he was the only ray of hope in spite of all the rumours of him leaving.

Finally on Friday these rumours were put to rest after Rooney signed a blockbuster multi million deal which would earn him a wage of £3,00,000 per week making him the highest earning player in EPL history.

So the question is what does both parties gain from this money spending deal?

For United this is a transition phase with ageing players. Moyes is looking to overhaul the squad this summer by going on spending spree and Rooney and recent Mata deals would be a signal to big players to come to United even if they fail to qualify for CL.

In Rooney they also have player with high work ethics and one who fits in various roles like Center Striker, Midfielder just behind the main striker. This gives Moyes the flexibility of going with traditional 4-4-2 formation or in future with the attacking 4-3-3 formation.

For Rooney this deal apart from big money gives him a sense of security that he is amongst the most important player in this club who is respected and loved by the fans.

This also gives him a chance to enter history books by becoming the most famous football clubs highest goal scorer. Currently he is on 209 (after Saturdays goal against Crystal Palace) and 40 short of Sir Bobby Charlton’s all time record of 249 goals.

He can also be great public figure if his staying back can inspire the club back to the heights United have become known for in the past.

Everyone knows that the amount paid is astronomical but on the hindset it could prove a win-win situation for both parties.

The deal also proves the age old cliche correct which goes as “A known enemy is better than an unknown friend”!!


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