Election trends – Vote behaviour – 2 months to go

With 2 months to go for the Lok Sabha elections, party positioning has begun in full swing. Selling their wares / product (vision for the future) to their consumers (voters) can be seen everywhere. RaGa on TV seems to be earnestly urging voters to join his “movement”, Modi over Chai Charcha is busy discussing his vision and this Friday we saw Kejriwal of the AAP (topic of another post) announcing his prime ministerial ambitions by bailing out of power to position himself as a martyr. So what products do we have in the market now;

1) Continuity, Staus Quo – By RaGa

2) Change, Good and decisive governance – By Modi

3) Corruption free governance, martydom over corruption – By Kejriwal.

4) Alternative (only slogan being a Non Congress and BJP alternative) – By Third Front

MJ Akbar has a nice piece here http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/TheSiegeWithin/entry/coalitions-are-now-ravana-raaj 

Trend as they say is our friend. Trends suggest that the incumbent Congress is headed towards a heavy defeat in the forthcoming elections. Their allies (mainly the SP, BSP, DMK ) too seem to be headed towards a similar fate. Regional parties seem set to reap a windfall along with the principal opposition party. AAP challenge (topic of another post) seems to have suffered a dent to its image over the drama being played out in Delhi.

Voters are fed up with the non – performing government at the centre with ‘compulsions of coalition politics’ excuse to justify non – performance or worse still corrupt practices. Strategic voting would ensure a stable government with a decisive majority. Recent state election results indicate this trend.


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