Jay Leno signs out of the ‘The Tonight Show’

Iconic talk show host Jay Leno stepped down from the hugely popular ‘The Tonight Show’ which he hosted since 1992. Billy Crystal who was his very first guest on the show was also his last. For his farewell, there was Oprah, Kim Kardashian etc as also a parody of a ‘Sound of Music’ song.

Jay Leno had quit the show in 2009 too and was replaced by Connan O’Brien but then was re – instated following falling TRP’s of the show. There were talks of him being eased out of the show to make way for Jimmy Fallon despite still being a favorite amongst his audience, albeit slightly older ones with a median age of almost 58.

Incidentally, ‘Movers N Shakers’ , India’s answer to ‘The Tonight Show’, itself immesely popular and hosted by Shekhar Suman in the late nineties was modelled on the lines of the ‘Tonight Show’ including the recognisable wood panelling of the set and wading through the audiences which Leno practised before every show.

Jay Leno featured on the ‘The Simpsons’ too. 22 years on the show, telling jokes which were a reflection of the goings on in the society in his inimitable style and making people laugh is quite an achievement.   


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