Kalashnikov no more!

Mikhail Kalashnikov, the creator of the world famous AK – 47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova) assault rifle, breathed his last last month is said to have had regrets regarding the death and destruction his rifle has caused the world over in contrast to what he had been saying earlier. He is said to confided with the head of the Russian Orthodox church about the “pain in his soul” and asking whether he is to be held responsible for the deaths of so many.

AK – 47 is said to be a very simple rifle and according to Kalashnikov himself during the Vietnam war, American soldiers would throw away their M-16s to grab AK-47s and bullets for it from dead Vietnamese soldiers. It was supposedly the weapon of choice in the liberation struggles of Rwanda and Uganda. On the flip side, its a weapon of choice for guerrila’s of Latin America, terrorists etc.

Amazing. However, Kalashnikov didnt patent the rifle and its design resulting in him not making any money over the mass production of his creation in so many countries. It was used by armies and guerilla organisations alike. So much so, its image is present on the flags of countries like Mozambique and the flag of the Hezbollah. 

How will history judge Kalashnikov? Well, according to Midnightbreakfast, its ultimately a human that pulls the trigger. Kalashnikov  happened to be a designer of a simple rifle which turned out to be the weapon of choice. It was the big daddy of all guns overshadowing the Barreta and Colt. Army or guerilla, evrybody wanted to lay their hands on it.


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