A look back @ 2013

As the year draws to a close, the post looks back at 2013, the year of inception of this blog. So far so good. The progress has been steady. Response encouraging. All thanks to the viewers and followers. 

Following were some memorable moments from the year,


1)Murray winning the wimbledon not only ensured that the monkey was off the back of not only Murray himself but also Britishers. What with no briton winning the wimbledon in the last 70+ years. It also fastened the process Federer’s decline. It ensured that he joins the ranks of Djokovic & Nadal as the new big gun of tennis.

2)Sachin Tendulkar & Sir Alex Ferguson retirement: One as player & the other as manager broke all possible records. Respected by fans & opponents alike both took their respective teams to the top. Both exhibited tremendous longevity in highly competitive sports. Both these legends retiring would leave gaping holes in their respective teams.

3) On the other hand, Lance Armstrong, formerly champion cyclist, was found guilty of systematic doping and cheating. Fixing scandals in IPL, italian football were serious lows.

Financial markets:

1)Tapering first announced around May 2013 sent the rupee into a tailspin. Choking the money markets by hiking the MSF rates by 200 bps to 300 bps over the indian operational policy rate by effected by Subbarao. It required the freshly minted Reserve bank guv Raghuram Rajan some old fashioned interest subvention / subsidy scheme in the form of the modified version of FCNR ( B ) or is it the old FCNR ( A ) window to stabilise the rupee. Not surprisingly $ 35 billion was garnered. 

2) Yellen was announced successor to Bernanke who led the US economy out of recession. 

3) Shinzo Abe & Haruhiko Kuroda teamed up to put Japanese economy through steroids to yank it out of deflation trap. Buy Japanese govt debt to drive down long term rate and pressurise the Yen. The wise men essentially aim to set in inflationary expectations to stimulate the economy. Nikkei responded by scaling 6 yr highs.


1) Mandela, Thatcher, Chavez passed away this year.

2) Rahul Gandhi & Narendra Modi assumed the stewardship of their respected political parties. Modi despite opposition from ” intellectual” junta was annointed pm candidate.


1) Ship of Thesus: If one replaces all parts of a ship until all parts are replaced, does it remain the same ship? Deeply philosophical this film brilliantly portrayed by newcomers has to be the movie of the year.

2) Gravity: How does space walk feel like? This movie in 3D brilliantly captures space. With space debris wreaking havoc, this movie should be one of the contenders for this years Oscars.

Seasons greetings from MidnightBreakfast to its viewers and followers.


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