Ashes regained and how

Australia won the third test match in Perth and by doing so regained the Ashes in just 14 days which England had held for 1577 days. They avoided a 4th straight Ashes loss.

But if we look at the three tests then we could say that Australia’s victories these series have been far more commanding than those of England against them. England have not only been beaten on the field but also off it.

England have been outclassed in terms of planning and their execution. They have also been defeated in the minds which is proved by the exit of Trott after the 1st match and shocking retirement of Swann after the 3rd match. Questions are also been asked about the other senior players presence in the team.

English media has always questioned other teams guts to fight it out in the middle but after the magnitude of their sides defeats this series they have questioned their own teams appetite for a fight.

Australia have had their downs themselves but they have shown us what a combined team effort and willingness to fight out can do.

Now England can only hope to give a good performance in the next two tests to prove their critics wrong and play for their pride. If they do that then the last two matches will be a treat to watch for all cricket lovers.


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