ABC mood..

Ruchir Sharma here nicely sums up voter mood.

Inflation hits everyone, more so the poor. By letting inflation run, in double digits for 5 years now, is an absolute disaster in the best of times. More so during falling growth scenario. It is suicidal. It is so ironic that it should have happened during the tenure of Manmohan Singh.

With the general price level rising by more than 50% over past 5 years, led by food inflation and with the government seemingly indifferent, with comments like it is just food inflation , people are eating more, Rs 10 would get you a full meal is just rubbing salt into the wounds.

To top it all, nauseating arrogance from its leaders, defending failed policies has led to this uncontrollable anger among the people. It could very well be a fight between BJP and the regional parties as people want a government that is Anything But Congress.


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