Dance of Democracy

Beauty of democracy that the people get a chance to show who the boss really is. Today counting to the elections held for 5 Indian states began. MP, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan saw BJP sweeping to power while Delhi is near hung assembly. One common thread in all these was the massive decimation of the Congress.

MidnightBreakfast had earlier said this Important arguments were the high state gross domestic product (SGDP) growth witnessed by the states of MP & Chattisgarh points to a victory by the incumbent govt. Rajasthan saw a rejection of the freebie politics practiced by the state government. This election goes to show that while schemes and freebies can at best be seen as supplementary, good governance which ultimately lead to high economic growth, more jobs with price stability is the real deal. Rajasthani youth, as with youth all over, aspire for more jobs and by not creating an enabling environment for growth, the government seemed to be denying them that aspiration. What Delhi saw was unprecendented. AAP, a merely one year old political party, led by former IRS official Arvind Kejriwal who was one of the members of the Anna Hazare anti corruption campaign, made a stunning debut by almost winning the state assembly elections, falling short of just 7 – 8 seats. MidnightBreakfast pointed this out too by calling it ‘AAP curiousity’. Clearly, with the promise of clean governance, ably represented by their election symbol, the broom, is something which cant be easily resisted. MidnightBreakFast would tackle this topic in another post.

In conclusion, these results to state elections are a breath of fresh air. Non – performing governments thrown out, performing ones rewarded, newer parties promising good governance given a chance. With these states sending almost 70 + MP’s to the LokSabha (almost 13% of total), if these trends persist, then it augurs well for the BJP. Price rise and corruption would be even bigger issues in the election to the Lok Sabha. Congress has been savaged by the voter over these issues. With almost 12 Cr new voters set to join the voter list for the next year’s general elections, things would certainly get even more interesting.


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