In the end it was just ‘Too Fast Too Furious’

Events such as these remind you about the uncertainty and the ultimate fragility of the gift called life. Portraying an undercover agent Brian o connell, who penetrates a well organised ‘truck jacking’ gang headed by the inimitable Dom, Paul Walker’s partnership with Vin Diesel was the highlight of the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise, in which he starred 5 / 6 times.

I remember catching the last two releases in the theatres and getting totally dazzled by the car chases. Made me wanna catch the earlier parts. Paul Walker is this ace driver of the craziest sports cars in the franchise. He had this vulnerability about him which endeared him to his fans. Reactions on FB are testimony to it.  

Very ironic that he met his end in a car crash. Apparently, he was a co – passenger with the porsche being driven by his friend. Paul was about 40 and survived by a daughter. The franchise wont just be the same without him.



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