UPA govt and; (Absence of) Foreign Policy

Pakistan, China, Bangladesh and now Sri Lanka ( After India`s vote against the pearl shaped island nation) brings to the fore the absolute lack of India` s foreign policy.

Pakistan continuously needles India all along its border with India knowing very well India` s spineless response with the PM shamelessly indulging in pointless `chat` with his pakistani counterpart even as Indian nationals getting killed by Pakistani terrorists. Standard reply being “lets give peace a chance” or the Pakistan government stance is different and the attacks are the handiwork of few radical elements.

China` s aggresive stance along its border with India in the well documented Daulat Beg Oldie incident points to heightened level of confidence over the meekness of India` s potential response. Standard reply being such incidents keep on happening (& pvtly that India cannot afford to confront China).

Our PM may just skip his meeting at the Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting (CHOGM) to be held in Sri Lanka. Predicrably, considering the looming elections Tamil Nadu based political parties (in an attempt by the DMK to shift focus from the gargantuan 2G spectrum scam as it faces an impending whitewash in the upcoming elections)have started dictating what to do to our government and the PM guess what? Has given in to their demands reinforcing the notion of absence of independence of foreign policy. India being a federation of states will have consultations between the centre and states but dictation of foreign policy to centre and its acceptance by the centre is bizzare.

Sri Lankan Tamils are not even Indian nationals whereas when Indian nationals are getting slaughtered the same PM doesnt find it necessary to skip his meeting with his Pakistan counterpart. Why the double standards? As i write this PM has decided to send his external affairs minister to the same CHOGM meet. What for ?

After economic policy failures, repeated foreign policy blunders of the present government points to the rot that has set in.


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