Infrastructure or Inferior structure

Today India is one of the major developing countries in the world and catching the eye of every major economy and business corporations- The MNCs

India is considered to be gifted with a very talented demography and with it the country’s economic growth is expected to be prolific in the coming years and decades to follow.

But for this to be truly attainable on a sustainable basis the major point required by a developing country is good infrastructure and more essentially for a country like ours in which almost 70% of the total population is still living in the villages. These villages need to be interconnected with the metro cities to achieve all round sustainable growth. We need to build many other laterals apart from a few golden and silver quadrilateral highways. This is very vital from free and efficient movement of goods across the country thereby boosting overall trade and industry.
Also the intra city/town infrastructure needs to be excellent so that people do not waste their precious time just in traveling and improve overall efficiency and output of the workforce.

But is this really the case in India??

Let’s consider and analyse by narrowing it down to the city I live in, Mumbai!! The city of dreams, The financial hub of India, One of the most important city of India.

Recently we heard a case of a big ditch that got created on the flyover in Goregaon. The repair took 3 weeks and the people faced problems of huge traffic snarls for that period of time.
In the last five years we have often heard of building structures collapsing which are not older than 15-20 years. We also hear about the poor planning of the city roads for traveling.

After hearing this we start wondering whether this is the same country which boasts of building structures like The Taj Mahal, Sanchi Stupa, Qutub Minar which have stood the tests of time and also talk about well-planned cities like Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro (Now in Pakistan). These things were built in ancient times and are still standing. But after so many years and technological developments we are building weaker infrastructure than those build in ancient times.

We are forced to ask is this “Infrastructure or inferior structure”??

Inferior structure of our government and regulatory bodies, Inferior structure of a highly corrupted society, Inferior structure of a weak democracy!!

Please give us your views as to who are to be blamed for this state of affairs.


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