Diwali-“A Gateway for Inner Enlightenment”

Why do we need a festival to realize that we exist? A big Question mark…Life has become so messed up that we all have just forgotten to live. Every one of us has become slaves & ultimately a mere machine.

Our Life has a superb cast, but we can’t figure out the plot.

Every festival in India is steeped deep in history and the festival of Diwali is no exception. The celebration of Diwali can be traced back to ancient India when it was an important harvesting season. As the religion developed, various mythological stories and explanations were attributed to this festival to give it religious validation.

The only reason for this write up is, Realization of our existence!! Diwali as a festival brings everything. It is called the festival of lights. But we call it, “The festival of Enlightenment”

Enjoy Yourself. These are the good old days you’re going to miss in the years ahead. We should make it a point that we live each day as a blessing rather than a formality. Let us all mark this Auspicious Festival as a gateway of togetherness & a feeling called LIFE. Live & let Live should be the motto & each day should be celebrated rather than Passed. All are one & Diwali is for all. We should not forget that even Diwali has Ali in it.




4 thoughts on “Diwali-“A Gateway for Inner Enlightenment”

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