Multiple Blasts at Patna – Enough is enough!

Seven low intensity blasts took place in Patna, six of them went off in and around the venue (Gandhi Maidan) of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s mega rally and one went off near the railway station. Casualties include ~6 dead and ~ 100 injured. Blasts have become so much of a commonplace in India that them not happening would be news. Its sad, but true.

The general apathy of the government, especially at the centre, toward such terrorist acts is disgusting. Home minister who is the person in charge of internal homeland security was seen at the music launch of a Bollywood movie rather than at the blast location yesterday. There is a precedent in the form of a former HM, who displayed similar lack sensitivity during the 26 Nov 2008 terrorist attack at Mumbai. There are senior leaders of the ruling alliance who seemed more concerned about the so called mileage which the opposition party and their PM nominee, who is seemingly generating mass hysteria wherever he is campaigning for next years general elections, would get. The state CM says he didnt get any input. Well, who is he kidding? Didnt multiple blasts rock Bihar at the historic Bodh Gaya temple complex just months ago? And isnt it basic thing to be extra alert and take precautions if a major event is supposed to take place in your state?

The ruling alliance has failed its people time and again, but there is a limit to people’s patience. Stern action is not forthcoming even if the enemy enters the country and brazenly kills the citizens (as was the case during 26 / 11 attacks). In that case, the government is shamelessly exchanging “dossiers” with our neighbour, who has got a good measure of our willingness to respond to anything. That is why the implicit support to terrorists to strike continues. Our borders are pounded. But the PM still goes and meets his counterpart, only to be mocked in private by using a derogatory term. China, on the other front too has got a measure of our readyness when it intruded deep inside our territory. Sri Lanka has started fingering us, especially after our foreign policy was held hostage by regional party like DMK.

Coming back to internal homeland security, only a credible response would act as a deterrant. Politicisng the issue would only give more ammunition to these terrorists. Patience is running wafer thin with the masses, who are already ravaged by inflation and falling income levels, death and destruction would only doom this government in the forthcoming elections.


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