Price you pay for watching your God

Sachin Tendulkar has announced his retirement from test cricket which is the last form in which he was still playing. The second test at Wankhede which will be his 200th will also be his last.

No wonder the cricket loving people of India who love him so much wants to have a last glimpse of their hero playing for the country.

The first test match is going to be played at the Eden gardens in Kolkata and the final one at Wankhede in Mumbai.

The Cricket Association of Bengal and Mumbai Cricket Association both have declared that only around 7-8% of the total tickets will be sold to normal public and the rest will be given to the local associations and VIPs.

This is similar to the World Cup final at Wankhede where tickets were given to clubs who blacked the tickets to local cricket crazy lovers at price as high as Rs.60000/- each.

This time will be the same.

Our question is that Sachin has been worshipped by these very people throughout his career and he has achieved this God like status only because of his fans. So why are these very fans deprieved of the opportunity to watch him play for the last time in his career.

The BCCI and all the cricket associations in India are run by money hungry politicians who do not care for the fans but only care about is to fill their pockets.

It is a sad end to Sachin’ career if he is not watched by his true fans.

No wonder he is compared with God in India as it happens only in India that people have to stand in queues for 4-5 hours or buy VIP passes to watch their God’s.


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