Own goal & RaGa

According to Wikipedia, An own goal occurs in goal-scoring games when a player scores a goal that is registered against his or her own team. It is usually accidental, and may be a result of an attempt at defensive play that failed or was spoiled by opponents. It is considered one of the most embarrassing and humorous blunders in sports.

RaGa or Rahul Gandhi recently gave two speeches on his campaigning in Churu (Rajasthan) and Indore. To give an analogy of movies his Churu speech essentially borrowed from a typical Karan Johar sob drama (Dadi, Dad getting killed storyline .. ) whereas his Indore speech essentially focused on riots in Muzzafarnagar borrowing from say a Mani Ratnam movie ala the critically acclaimed and national award-winning 1995 Tamil film Bombay.

RaGa speeches leave us gasping for breath. Lets look at his Churu speech in Rajasthan. He tried to strike emotional chord by saying that his ‘Dadi’ AND his father fell victims of “communal hate” And then he attacked the BJP. Its very important to notice the stress on AND and communal hate. He clubs the killings of two former prime ministers and then links it to the BJP. Is he linking the BJP to the killings? Answer should be certainly not. Then why the insinuation of communalism by raking up the killings of the PM’s. Indira Gandhi was killed by Sikh extremists after the storming of the golden temple whereas Rajiv Gandhi was assasinated by the LTTE after he ordered IPKF into war torn Lanka. What connection does “communal hate” have with these two historical events? Infact it was the Congress leaders who were later convicted by courts for killings of thousands of Sikhs after Indira Gandhi’s death. How does BJP come into the picture here? And why the insinuation that he too might one day get killed by “them”. “Them” whom? The BJP again? What a pile of garbage.

In Indore, he tried to scratch the surface of the communal conflagration between the Jats and Muslim community and once again link the BJP here, although the state is a SP (an ally at the centre) run government. He said that Pakistani intelligence agency ISI contact muslim youths and were in touch. This he said was told to him by an intelligence official. Few questions. 1) Why would any intelligence official share such a thing with him. He is not a part of government. 2) Why did he not inform the government first that Pakistani agents are infiltrating and they should be cautious. Thius, if true, is a grave national security issue 3) Isnt he unfairly targeting the Muslims for being in reach of a Paki agency. Again, how does BJP come into the picture? This ones especially very disturbing.

To give him benefit of doubt, his party has given up on urban indian votes and now concentrating on only rural votes who might get swayed by the emotional drama (Difficult since how badly ravaged they have been by inflation). By again and again, referring the BJP and hatred in the same breath, his party might just succeed in scare mongering.

But his Indore speech (Shades of a certain diggy raja), went a bit too far and rather than appeasing the minorities it would end up driving them away.This own goal could prove costly.


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